30 Cute Wrist Tattoos


Tattoos come in all shapes and sizes and are inked on almost all parts of one man’s body. There are body parts that allow large and elaborate tattoos because of the ski space it provides while there are a few good areas for small inks. If you just want to have a cute tat just for experience and you want it to be placed in a significant area, then I suggest you go for your wrist.

Wrist tattoos are like eternal passes to a club or to a gig because usually this is where the gatekeepers stamp theirs. What is good about wrist tattoos especially in the downside part is that one can easily hide it during crucial meetings or interviews or can be hidden under the strap of watches. If you want to flaunt the tattoo to a friend, it is also very easy and the approach is very convincing since you can show it their face as close as they want it. Wrist tattoos are most of the time cute, small, and simple. However, some artist and enthusiast make the most of the small space provided by creating cute masterpieces on it.

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What we have for today are 30 of the best and the cutest wrist tattoos hat most of our friends in the social media are proud of. The designs varies from a simple solid black single subject up to an elaborate yet cute synergy of different inspirations. Check it out today.

30Matching King and Queen of Hearts Wrist Tattoo

Image Credit: TattooPerfection