30 Marvelous Wings Tattoo


This next tattoo post is probably one of the most common and most loved design of all time, in reference to most of friends who coincidentally have chosen this design as one of their own.

Wing tattoos, aside from its awesomeness, are also very obvious why people chose it as their tattoo, especially if placed strategically between the shoulder blades, back and arms. Most people dream of having the ability of flight and the physical manifestation of this dream are the wings, just like the birds and the mythical angels. Personally, I won’t mind having the same idea as with my friends of having a wing tattoo because it is really worth the time and the courageous decision.

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With well-known references and the necessary creative talents of tattoo artists, here are some cool variants of wing tattoos that are showcased around the world. Some were inked to send a message hence the small sizes and unique placements while most of the samples are replicas of the dream. Fly high and be free with this amazing tattoos everyone.

30Shaded Wings Full Sleeve Tattoo

Shaded Wings Full Sleeve Tattoo

Image Credit: NextLuxury