40 Jaw Dropping Wicked Tattoo Designs


The world of tattoo has gone a long way. From just lines and symbols made from natural pigments, now, designs are countless and the techniques are more realistic, vivid, and mind blowing.

Speaking of designs, subjects that serve as inspiration to the tats now ranges from comic to deadly. This is the reason why tattoos cater to almost all walks of life, people now have all the freedom to dictate which design they want to have. Today’s design theme is not for the faint of heart though. The selection we have for today are those that only the bold, the daring, and the scary people can handle.

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Wicked tattoos are tattoos with designs and techniques that are very wild and very loud. If we look at it, based on the initial objectives of tattooing, wicked tattoos are probably the epitome of all inks. They are too awesome, too cool, and too amazing to have. Check out these radical inks we have for you today.

40Realistic Bricks Head Tattoo

Realistic Bricks Head Tattoo

Image Credit: Fabulous Design