30 Watercolor Flower Tattoo Designs


I am back for another watercolor tattoo post today and this time we will be exploring the colorful world of flowers. They say that flower tattoos are only meant for ladies because the plant part symbolizes feminity in most cultures. However, along with the change of times, we now see a lot of men with flower tattoos that are rocking it.

For this post, we don’t just take a peak on traditional flower tats, we will be enjoying the best flower tats there is, the watercolor-rendered ones. Flower tattoos are either delicately rendered with watercolor or watercolor were just splashed into the background creating an awesome effect to the ink. Because watercolor technique makes all tattoo look awesome, all body parts can be the best spot for it.

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Let us adore such beauty in art and nature together with these watercolor flower tattoos lined up for us today.

30Red Watercolor Flower Body Tattoo

Red Watercolor Flower Body Tattoo

Image Credit: LuvThat