30 Watercolor Bird Tattoo Designs


Aside from the rainbow, the birds are what make the sky colorful and alive. Humans will forever be envious with these magnificent animals because of what they have which we can never acquire even in million years, ruling the skies with true flight.

Since it is natural for birds to have colorful feathers, in art, watercolor is one of the best way to illustrate its beauty. The best thing about this technique is that it can also be applied through tattooing which enable people to carry masterpieces of art anywhere they go. Today’s collection are all colorful bird tattoos rendered in watercolor style. Each tattoo is at par of the rest in terms of complexity and beauty.

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Watercolor tattoos never cease to amaze me and surely to you guys as well. Check out these amazing watercolor bird tattoos which are recommended to all of us who dream to have the best tattoo we can always be proud of.

30Yellow Bird Perching Upper Back Tattoo

Yellow Bird Perching Upper Back Tattoo

Image Credit: Pinterest