30 Irresistible Upper Arm Tattoos For Females


When you say upper arm tattoos, the first thing that we associated it to are the men because undeniably, tattoos inked on those parts of the body are more evident and famous with men throughout the history of tattoos. However, as time change so as the change in the norms.

Meet the new trend to this new age. Strong and independent women of these new generation are now showcasing their own take of upper arm tattoos which were previously dominated by men. Upper tattoos for women, unlike their counterparts, are more colorful, artistic, and symbolism driven. Some of the most sellable designs are flowers, dream catchers, and tribal patterns.

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What we have for today are 30 of the best and the coolest tattoos rendered into the delicate, precious upper arms of women. Some of the featured inks are on the biceps, on the shoulders, and the sleeve types. The collection is surely an enjoyable treat for everyone.

30Geometric Floral Bouquet Upper Arm Tattoo

Geometric Floral Bouquet Upper Arm Tattoo

Image Credit: Trend2Wear