30 Traditional Cat Tattoo Designs


Cats, like its best of friends, the dogs, has been a part of the almost every human household in time memoriam. Basically, human civilization nowadays can be divided into 2 groups, either they are dog lovers or cat devotees. For cat lovers, life is full of purrs, yarns, milk, and overload of cuteness.

This time around, I would like to pay tribute to all cat lovers out there. I may be a dog lover myself but I still have high respect to people who take care of cats and other pets in that matter since all animals deserve all our love and care in the world. Domestic cats or house cats have different breeds exhibiting different facial features. With these, they are good subjects for tattoo designs because of the choices one can make from them. Traditional cat tattoo may illustrate just the face or may show cats in action. Some designs also add appropriate “wardrobes” to adorable cat models.

The samples that follow showcase the best cat tattoos inked on different parts of the body. Like cats, the collection, just by looking at them, gives you the feeling of love and being loved which one can feel when having an adorable pet being part of the family.

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Below are the 30 Traditional Cat Tattoo Designs! Also, you might wanna check the 40 Admirable Tattoo Designs For Animal Enthusiasts for another set of awesome collection!

30Side Facing Cat With Flower Forearm Tattoo

Side Facing Cat With Flower Forearm Tattoo

Image Credit: Traditional Tattoos