Top 20 Superhero Tattoo Designs


Superheros are much loved animated powerful men that have a tremendous fan following, right from children to adults. Everyone is in love with superheros and we have all grown up watching them either in movies, or reading them in comics by Marvel or DC. As far as tattoos are concerned, there is no dearth of designs that have superheros ranging from Spider man to Batman, available at your disposal. Come and explore the top 20 superhero tattoo designs that are smart and unique:

201. Medley of superheros tattoo on the back

Medley of superheros tattoo design on the back

The back is tattooed with not one but three superheros we all love and admire for their sheer courageous nature, one being The Incredible Hulk, the second being the suave Wolverine and the third, a new Canadian superhero named Wendigo. The tattoo is so gigantic that it covers the entire back and is done in black and white. Wandigo is seen fighting the Hulk while Wolverine’s name is only inked. The design resembles a strip from Marvel.

Image credit: acidcow