Top 18 Tribal Wolf Tattoo Designs for Men and Women


Wolves have been in existence on the planet for thousands of years and are symbolic of power and intelligence. These tattoos are very much in demand, especially the tribal designs that are taking the world by storm. Take a look at some of the most captivating tribal wolf design tattoos for both the sexes:

1. Masculine wolf tattoo

Your shoulders will look awesomely sexy with the very manly wolf tribal tattoo inked as can be seen in the picture below. The simplicity makes it work.

Masculine wolf tattoo

Image credit: Lookmytattoo


2. Wolf design on chest

The picture shows how a man’s chest can look extremely sexy with a wolf tattoo inked in black. Along with the face of a wolf, there is the beautiful tribal design that compliments the whole tattoo.

Wolf design on chest

Image credit: Tattooton

3. Wolf with a full moon design

The wolf is designed compactly along with a moon that makes the whole tattoo on the woman’s back, look eerie but sexy. Looking at the tattoo gives one goosebumps.

Wolf with a full moon design

Image credit: Tattooeasily

4. Unique tribal wolf tattoo

The wolf is the symbol of pure and raw power. It is also seen as a pathfinder who is the leader of its clan. The tattoo is unique and looks quite amazing with streaks of blue and not to miss..the wolf’s eyes are all blue!

Unique tribal wolf tattoo

Image credit: Creativefan

5. Tribal wolf head tattoo

Yet another tattoo design that will make your jaws drop is the beautifully inked wolf tattoo on the upper arms. The design is awesome and shows the face of a wolf with full mane and also a full moon along with a wolf that is seen howling against the backdrop. Seen also is the Red Indian symbols of feather and shield. The tattoo is majestic.

Tribal wolf head tattoo

Image credit: Tobiastattoo

6. 3D wolf tattoo

The chest appears as if the wolf is actually projecting itself out of the man’s body and the look is simply awe inspiring and smart.

3D wolf tattoo

Image credit: Tatto0

7. Wrist wolf tattoo

The tattoo of a wolf is inked on the wrist and is simple in style. However, the tattoo is always in demand with both the sexes.

Wrist wolf tattoo

Image credit: Tattooideastoppicks

8. Howling wolf tattoo

A little different from other wolf tattoos, this tribal wolf tattoo has hints of blue along with the usual grey that makes it sexy and is done nicely on the arms.

Howling wolf tattoo

Image credit: Youngmagazin

9. Back wolf tattoo design

The tattoo looks royal and also seen are the tribal feathers along with the name of the woman wearing the tattoo.

Back wolf tattoo design

Image credit: Workdesigning


10. Nice wolf tribal tattoo

Arms will look ravishing if you get this wolf tattoo inked today. The look is awesome and the wolf surely looks scary enough to drive your bullies away!

Nice wolf tribal tattoo

Image credit: Tattooideastoppicks

11. Small wolf tattoo

The wolf tattoo is tribal in nature and done in black with traces of green on the mane. The look of the tattoo is smart yet traditional.

Small wolf tattoo

Image credit: Tobiastattoo

12. Colorful wolf on hand

The girl looks pretty hot, and wearing the colorful wolf tattoo makes her even sexier.

Colorful wolf on hand

Image credit: Lookmytattoo

13. Black wolf design

The wolf as inked in the given picture is done in total black but its just the face along with its thick mane that manages to allure you. The design can be inked on any part and its typically done by natives of South America.

Black wolf design

Image credit: Onetattooideas

14. Tribal wolf design on the ribs

Tribal wolf tattoos look nice on any part of the body and the one shown below is definitely going to knock off your senses. Yes, the style is tribal and it shows a wolf howling.

Tribal wolf design on the ribs

Image credit: Graphicbubbles

15. Cool tribal wolf tattoo design

Arms could have never looked more masculine, but, with the cool wolf tattoo design, it definitely is a trendsetter!

Cool tribal wolf tattoo design

Image credit: Tattoostime

16. Face wolf tattoo on arms

The arms look picturesque with just the simple face of a wolf inked in black and looks very much a tribal design with all the patterns that are typically tribal.

Face wolf tattoo on arms

Image credit: Workdesigning

17. Sexy back wolf tattoo

The wolf tattoo looks charming and is very symmetrical . It adorns the back like a masterpiece.

Sexy back wolf tattoo

Image credit: Creativefan


18. Roaring wolf on arms

This roaring wolf design looks really cool and neat. The tribal design pattern against the wolf lends a touch of magnetism to the man who is sporting it. The design makes a style statement.

Roaring wolf on arms

Image credit: Loadpaper

These were some fascinating tribal wolf designs that, am sure, will enthrall you. Its not a must for you to be a native Indian. Just carry your attitude on your sleeves and let the world take notice of you.