Top 18 Mom Dad Tattoo Designs


What if you could pay homage to the only people that would stay with you no matter what you do or become in life? Yes, I am talking about our parents who are the best friends and philosophers one can ever have in their lives. The best way to express our gratitude is to get our parent’s names embossed on our bodies and show them how much they are cherished and wanted in our lives! Many people get mom and dad tattoos inked in combination with various motifs and symbols. These tattoos will always remain a favorite with men and women as these help to re-establish the deep bond parents have with their children and vice versa. Come take a look at the top 18 mom and dad tattoo designs selected for you:

172. Rose mom and dad tattoo design

Rose mom and dad tattoo design

The ribs are just perfect to flaunt any tattoo. Seen below is a picture of a very beautiful and elegant looking black mom and dad tattoo inked on the ribs of a woman. There is a beautiful rose that is tattooed which gives a certain meaning to the whole design. Just like a rose helps in spreading happiness and fragrance, our parents, too make us happy and contented in life.

Image credit: stylecraze