Top 15 Owl Tattoo Designs for Girls


The owl has persistently been identified with young ladies for extremely long time, whether this has anything to do with its fierce look is subject to debate. One can choose an owl tattoo design either with details or a simple outline. It would also be more unique if different colors and prints are used on the tattoo. Below is the list of top 15 owl tattoo designs for girls for your inspiration. Enjoy!

1. Owl on roses tattoo

It is clear that the thigh is one of the most prime places to put a tattoo and a big owl spreading through always looks great.

Owl tattoo designs

Image source: Tattooset

2. Hatching owl tattoo

Many tattoo artists try to achieve a tattoo that tells who we are and this tattoo design is full of youthfulness and flair that comes with being a girl.

owl tattoos for women

Image source: Tattooeasily

3. Perched owl tattoo design

Just as seemingly calm innocent looking owl tattoo design attracts kind treatment, so does the design.

back women tattoo design

Image source: HDfashionstyle

4. Cute ankle owl tattoo

To overcome the trouble of having to wear jewelry on the ankle every now and then, this tattoo just above the ankle would do just fine.

Ankle women tattoos

Image source: 2k2bt

5. Netted owl tattoo design

Another great tattoo higher above the ankle and also looking to gather steam in popularity for girls.

Tattoo designs for women

Image source: TattooDesigns24

6. Owl clock tattoo design

Why not get this pretty tattoo design with a clock blended within the design? The creativity of the tattoo is definitely a game changer going forward.

thigh tattoo designs

Image source: 99tattoodesigns

7. Drawn owl tattoo

This tattoo is done so neatly one can think from a distance it is faded or disappearing yet the detail is what makes it so fine.

Drawn owl tattoo designs

Image source: 99Tattoodesigns

8. Key owl tattoo design

Girls are known to be audacious and innovative, this cannot be further from the truth going by this tattoo design which incorporates the owl in the key so seamlessly.

owl tattoo designs

Image source: Lookmytattoo

9. Cat owl tattoo design

With spread wings, the owl tattoo design looks cool especially when the tattoo dwells on the spreading concept.

Cat owl tattoo designs

Image source: Deviantart

10. Owl on arm tattoo design

In this tattoo design I bet we have seen some of the most robust and shrewd owl tattoo art on display.

owl arm tattoo designs

Image source: Craftynitti

11. Baby owl tattoo design

Nearly every girl will confess to having a thing about this little, cute tattoo design. It is designed to be irresistible, designed to impress.

owl tattoo designs for girls

Image source: Tattdiz

12. Currency type owl tattoo design

Technological complexity and the ace towards innovation have made this creative tattoo possible in very fine print almost similar to currency notes.

Tattoo designs for girls

Image source: Media-cache

13. Ladies owl tattoo stencil design

A critical look at this tattoo design shows impeccably yet simple art accentuated by the contrast it has with the natural skin tone.

owl tattoos for girls

Image source: Lookmytattoo

14. Waiting Owl Tattoo Designs

For half sleeve lovers this is for you, a colorful owl tattoo design on the upper arm would make any girl shine.

arm owl tattoo design

Image source: Fulltattoo

15. Feathered Owl Tattoo Design

It is amazing how this tiny owl tattoo design on the back has a deep and strong outline.

owl tattoos for girls

Image source: Sheplanet

Whether it is summer or not, the influence of these great tattoos will remain significant as is the longevity of owls themselves.  We are all going to get mixed feelings on owls but their inspired designs will reign for long.