Top 15 Knuckle Tattoo Ideas


Knuckle tattoos are as popular as any other tattoo as these look cool and smart. Both men and women can get these tattoos done in various shapes and colors. Here is a list containing the top 15 knuckle tattoo ideas that are sexy as well as stylish:

1. Amazing knuckle tattoo

The tattoo here looks quite attractive with its bold black and red coloring done to lend it more vibrancy and style. The motif inked is ‘Live Life’ and is quite inspirational. The design reflects the attitude of the wearer and is cool to look.

Amazing knuckle tattoo

Image credit: creativevore


2. Ornamental letter and number knuckle tattoo

On the knuckles of this person we can see ‘CALI4NIA’ inked in black color. The letters used are very decorative and appear stylish and so does the only number, i.e, 4 which is also inked very beautifully to reflect the man’s love for California.

Ornamental letter and number knuckle tattoo

Image credit: heledis

3. Meaningful knuckle tattoo

Work and Play are inked beautifully on the knuckles of the wearer. The design is nothing magnificent but still conveys a lot of meaning. The simplicity of this tattoo attracts attention from everyone who looks at it.

Meaningful knuckle tattoo

Image credit: creativefan

4. Colorful knuckle tattoo

This knuckle tattoo design looks brightly inked on all the ten fingers of this man and appears attractive. The top portion looks as if it is a head of a snake, while the lower portion resembles the legs of a women wearing heels. All said and done, the design is a little confusing but looks good.

Colorful knuckle tattoo

Image credit: drakeofficial

5. Black skulls knuckle tattoo

The knuckles are a perfect place to flaunt small designs, either symbols or verses. Seen here on the knuckles are black skulls inked on four fingers that look quite good. Black color adds to the look of the design and makes the wearer appear smart.

Black skulls knuckle tattoo

Image credit: lastsparrowtattoo

6. Video game knuckle tattoo

For those that are video game fanatics, here is presenting before you the knuckle tattoo that would interest you. The knuckles of this person are inked with bright red ‘Game over’ inked all over them with the exception of the thumbs. The red color and the font used make the design look authentic.

Video game knuckle tattoo

Image credit: heavy

7. Woman knuckle tattoo

The picture shows two women flaunting their respective knuckle tattoos that are eye grabbing for sure! While, we can see ‘Greenies’ inked on the knuckles of one woman, on the other, there is ‘Inkies’ carved in bright pink. Both the green and pink colors look good and are attractive.

Woman knuckle tattoo

Image credit: creativevore

8. Stunning glowing knuckle tattoo

The tattoo inked on the lady’s knuckles looks very stunning since it glows under direct neon light and appears very attractive. ‘Book worm’ is the design inked in black that glows under light. It is a light responsive tattoo idea done brilliantly on the knuckles.

Stunning glowing knuckle tattoo

Image credit: mentalfloss


9. Thick black Survival knuckle tattoo

The knuckles are carved with the word ‘Survival’ in thick bold black color that lends it a heavy appearance plus adds more weightage too. The letters are printed and shaded with dark black with no other shade used.

Thick black Survival knuckle tattoo

Image credit: heledis

10. Cool knuckle tattoo

Knuckle tattoos occupy very little spaces but convey whole lot of ideas and messages. The one seen here looks quite cool and smart with ‘Nintendo’ inked on all the eight fingers with the exception of the two thumbs. The color used is black that makes it look sexy too.

Cool knuckle tattoo

Image credit: lastsparrowtattoo

11. Ultraviolet heart symbol knuckle tattoo

This heart symbol tattoo coupled with the letter A can only be seen under light and looks quite sexy on this woman’s knuckles. These type of tattoos are becoming increasingly popular among people as these are simple but generate lot of curiosity.

Ultraviolet heart symbol knuckle tattoo

Image credit: stealherstyle

12. Flames knuckles tattoo

Many people ink their knuckles with cool designs that at times can appear too over the top or simply weird. Seen here is a beautiful design of flames carved on the knuckles of this man. The flames are printed in black with full shading.

Flames knuckles tattoo

Image credit: heledis

13. Simple letter knuckle tattoo

On the knuckles of this woman, we can sport the capital L letter inked in black color. Along with the letter, there is a ring that lends more beauty and meaning to the design. On the other knuckle can be seen some other symbols that aren’t very clear.

Simple letter knuckle tattoo

Image credit: stealherstyle

14. Awesome knuckle tattoo

On the thumbs are two half hearts inked in black. Both these designs resemble a heart that has a mustache and wears a spectacle. Giggles! Yes, the half hearts look very cute with each one shaded in black from below.

Awesome knuckle tattoo

Image credit: 1000funfacts


15. Diamond knuckle tattoo

Some people love to ink symbols instead of verses and messages simply because symbols look more sexy and are more visually attractive just like the blue diamond design carved on one of the knuckles in the image. On top of the diamond are orange flames that make the stone motif glow.

Diamond knuckle tattoo

Image credit: creativevore

The above list comprises of smart and simple knuckle tattoos that are loved by all. Mostly, you will see symbols or letters marked on knuckles that are inked either for fun or have a definite meaning to convey. Take a look above to know more about such tattoos.