Top 15 Compass Tattoo Designs


Among the thousands of tattoo designs available in front of you, there are Compass tattoo motifs too that are laid out by the tattoo artist when you go visit a tattoo parlor. These tattoos are beautiful and often inked along with a rose, star and other motifs. However, before I proceed further, let me tell you what a compass actually is! It is a very important tool that sailors and travelers carry with them in order to be in the right direction and path. The use of compasses has been reported since time immemorial when conquerors set out in the vast seas to capture lands and people. These designs are inked by sailors mostly, but have been in use for centuries. Let me list down the top 15 Compass tattoo designs that are unique and beautiful:

1. Compass tattoo with feather

Just on the ribs of this pretty damsel is inked an aesthetic motif of a compass tattoo with a star and a feather just underneath it. The whole combo looks very creative and is a visual delight with dark black ink used to carve the main motif, while a lighter black tone used for the feather.

Compass tattoo with feather

Image credit: tattooeasily


2. Unique face compass tattoo

Probably, this particular compass tattoo would be anyone’s pick if he or she wishes to get a compass design inked. The compass is carved with the face of the blazing sun with anger. Seen on one side of the compass are flames coming out in full force. On the other side, the color used for the flames is light blue and is a symbol of peace and calm. The whole motif looks very symbolic and is majestic to look.

Unique face compass tattoo

Image credit: creativeherald

3. Awesome compass tattoo on arms

The compass tattoo inked on the arms looks ethereal and very artistic. The dark look of the star within the compass makes it stand out better. The design is very popular both among men as well as women. A compass tattoo is a harbinger or symbol of good luck and safety.

Awesome compass tattoo on arms

Image credit: oddstuffmagazine

4. Compass tattoo with words

This compass tattoo is unique since it is carved along with four important words, i.e, family, friends, country and faith. These are not merely words but important beliefs that this man has in these institutions. It is very symbolic and represents the four directions of vital significance in the wearer’s life. I love this design for its symbolic meaning and beauty.

Compass tattoo design

Image credit: inspirationkeys

5. Tiny smart compass tattoo

The arms are a common place for inking tattoos and the one seen here is a beautiful tiny black compass tattoo carved ascetically. It looks simple but is very appealing to the eyes. Done in black, the design is awesome.

Tiny smart compass tattoo

Image credit: tech2gadget

6. Red and black compass tattoo on wrists

The look of this compass tattoo is unique since there is a perfect blend of red and black colors. While, the outer circle and a portion of the star is carved in dark black, the artist has done red shading too that adds to the aesthetic appeal of the motif.

Red and black compass tattoo on wrists

Image credit: design.creativefan

7. Colorful compass tattoo on thighs

A very creative and a rare compass design, the motif is inked using colors other than only black. It is carved in the shape of a table clock that has a pink ribbon attached with it. The design is inked on the thighs and looks visually appealing and very sexy.

Colorful compass tattoo on thighs

Image credit: tattoosimages

8. Smart Compass tattoo on hands

Seen in the picture is a beautiful compass tattoo design inked in black with a boldly carved star within it. The look of this design is awesome and carries a certain meaning too. The star in the compass symbolizes the north star that all crew members on board a ship rely on for getting the right direction for their journey. The compass star tattoo looks very unique and creative.

Smart Compass tattoo on hands

Image credit: tattooeasily


9. Beautiful compass tattoo on the back

The beauty of a compass tattoo is its ability to look astounding practically on any body part. The back of this dude is inked with a beautifully carved compass tattoo in black. The design is a little more complex with many dotted patterns adding glamour to the whole motif.

Beautiful compass tattoo on the back

Image credit: oddstuffmagazine

10. Big compass tattoo

The compass tattoo on the arms is a big one and looks quite attractive in appearance. It is done in black but the look gets enhanced because of the shading done in the star. This is a great piece of work that can be done on any one and is always in high demand.

Big compass tattoo

Image credit: deviantart

11. Fabulous compass tattoo

With a bold black compass design on the wrist, anyone can look smart now! Yes, I would get this one inked right away since it looks very good with yellow coloring done inside the spikes that blend nicely with the black shading. The design is awesome and attractive. This motif is always loved by both the sexes for its elegant appearance.

Fabulous compass tattoo

Image credit: smashingcage

12. Rose compass tattoo

Roses are a common companion for compass tattoos since these add beauty and color. Seen here is a beautiful red rose within which there is carved a handsome looking compass with a cross carved in the middle. On one side towards the top, one can also spot a flame emerging from behind the flower. The green color blends perfectly with the red, making it appear magnificent and appealing.

Rose compass tattoo

Image credit: tattoosimages

13. Exotic back compass tattoo

The lower back as seen here is carved with a very exotic compass tattoo that is a visual delight. The design is floral in nature with a blend of colors like green, red, black, yellow and blue. It is a rare motif that looks more like a flower than a compass. The creative tattoo is attractive and appealing.

Exotic back compass tattoo

Image credit: heledis

14. Amazing compass tattoo

A very simple design, the compass motif on the wrist looks very smart and suave. It is a basic design showing off the directions and there isn’t any other design complimenting it. Inked in bold black, the tattoo is awesome to look.

Amazing compass tattoo

Image credit: busbones


15. Crisp compass tattoo

A compass tattoo brings luck and is much loved among seamen and rock stars. This design in particular looks simply mind blowing with its exquisite shading and use of varied colors that make it appear ingenious. It is bright and gigantic.

Crisp compass tattoo

Image credit: creativefan

Compass tattoos have their own appeal and beauty. These are symbolic and have a definite meaning. In olden times, sailors used to get these inked, but, now a days, almost everyone seems to have taken a liking to these awesome motifs. The 15 unique compass tattoo designs listed will clear any doubts and would help you choose one for yourself or your family. A compass tattoo brings good luck, as they say! Do try it, for you never know when lady luck will shine on you!