Top 15 Arm Tattoos for Men


Men, as we all know are fashion conscious and it’s just not restricted to women! There are n number of tattoo designs available for men that make these hunks look like Gods from the Greek mythology. Here is a list of the top 15 arm tattoo designs meant solely for our heart ‘stealers’:

1. Buddha arm tattoo

Are you a follower of peace and non violence? If so, then sporting a Buddha tattoo will surely add to your belief. One can use metallic colours here.

buddha tattoo

Image credit: Manjeettattooz


2. Cross arm tattoo

Cross tattoos have been in vogue for a long time and these look chic and define your character. These can be inked with beads and rosaries.

cross tattoo

Image credit: Tattooton

3. Angel of death arm tattoo

Sporting an angel of death tattoo is a cool trend with many men inking this design on their upper arms. It can be inked with black with red and green thrown in depending on how you want your tattoo to look.

angel of death tattoo

Image credit: Tattoomagz

4. Angel arm tattoo

If you have lost your loved ones and want to sketch their names forever in your mind, what better way than to sport an Angel arm tattoo with the name of your lost one on your arm? Well, this design looks quite beautiful and charming.

angel tattoo

Image credit: Tattoo-models

5. Arrow arm tattoo

Arrows look stylish and when coupled with others of various lengths can add up to your style quotient. Black is most suited for this design.

arrow tattoo

Image credit: Tattooton

6. 3D arm tattoo

One can get a number of trendsetting 3D tattoos inked on his arms. These designs are amazingly astonishing and look very artistic and real.

3D Tattoo

Image credit: Drakeofficial

7. Dragon arm tattoo

The design looks regal and is influenced by the Chinese who believe in this majestic creature. You can get this tattoo inked on your shoulders till your arms, the wings can be inked on your back.

dragon tattoo

Image credit: Pineweaver

8. Tribal arm tattoo

Tribal arm tattoos have been inked by men and women from a long time and will always look classy and cool.

tribal tattoo

Image credit: Tattooeasily

9. Star and sun arm tattoo

With a big sun inked in black on your wrist and stars surrounding it from all three corners, your arms will become the talk of the town when you go out!

star and sun tattoo

Image credit: Tattoo-models


10. Octopus arm tattoo

This tattoo fits nicely in every fold of your skin and makes the octopus design appear alive and colorful!

octopus tattoo

Image credit: Tattoos20

11. Message arm tattoo

Want to show the world what you feel? Well, get the message arm tattoo inked today!

message tattoo

Image credit: Pineweaver

12. Warrior arm tattoo

Some men like to ink their arms with Greek or Roman warrior soldiers and these look funky and very majestic.

warrior tattoo

Image credit: Manjeettattooz

13. Circuit arm tattoo

Designed in the form of black circuits, the tattoo looks spectacular.

circuit tattoo

Image credit: Drakeofficial

14. Skull arm tattoo

Skulls are definitely the flavor of this season since these look funky and can be inked by men of all ages.

skull tattoo

Image credit: Cuded


15. Tiger arm tattoo

Looks cool on people who can carry such an enigmatic animal on their sleeves! The tattoo looks regal in every sense of the word.

tiger tattoo

Image credit: Pinterest

Arm tattoos look funky and are available in really cool and crazy designs. Do get them today!