Top 15 3d Tattoo Designs for Men and Women


3D tattoos are not your usual kind of tattoos that you generally see on people. These are unique and need state of the art tattoo designers who are highly skilled in this craft since these tattoos need lot of technical knowledge besides creativity. Here is presenting before you the top 15 3D tattoos that will surprise you for sure:

1. Eye 3D tattoo

The 3D eye tattoos are very eye catching and look very unique. The picture below shows an eye that looks out in terror and one can see the minutest of nerves and the colour of the retina too that lends a kind of eeriness to it.

Eye 3D tattoo

Image credit: Blogspot


2. 3D Lizard Tattoo

Lizard tattoos look very stunning when done behind the shoulders or on the legs. These look real and include mostly yellow color.

3D Lizard Tattoo

Image credit: Hoggifts

3. Spider 3D tattoo

Most people get spiders inked on their bodies that are symbolic of wisdom and hard work. Spider tattoos when done in 3D look amazing and very real. One look at it and you will really have goosebumps all over your body!

Spider 3D tattoo

Image credit: Tattoopins

4. Garter belt styled tattoo

This 3D tattoo will look good on such women that carry the oomph factor and are really sexy! In the shape of a garter belt in lace, the design looks absolutely lip smacking with a gun shaped instrument that pokes out of the lacy belt, giving one all kinds of hints!

Garter belt styled tattoo

Image credit: Fashionandhappify

5. 3D blood dripping mouth tattoo

Getting this 3D tattoo would need some guts since the design looks quite bloody and is not for the weak hearted. The mouth, as seen in the tattoo, is dripping with blood and looks kind of ugly! If you are a fan of horror movies, then its a good idea to get this kind of tattoo inked to show your loyalty!

3D blood dripping mouth tattoo

Image credit: Tattoosgallaries

6. Dragon 3D tattoo

This 3D dragon tattoo is inked using shades which has added to the beauty of the dragon. One can get such tattoos made on any part, but, it always appears majestic when you get it tattooed on your back and let the world take notice of your mighty wings!

Dragon 3D tattoo

Image credit: Rattatattoo

7. 3D cloud design

The picture below will give you an idea as to how a 3D cloud design would actually look when inked on your bare back. Yes, the look is amazing and is a stunner with blue clouds and little birds flying away to freedom!

3D cloud design

Image credit: Auburnwebs

8. Lady bird 3D tattoo

Lady bird tattoos come in various designs and they look beautiful. 3D tattoos of lady birds are unique and lend a real look. Inking these is an art and if done correctly, can appear as if these colorful insects are following one another on your back.

Lady bird 3D tattoo

Image credit: Dinaters


9. 3D horse tattoo

The tattoo looks life size with a majestic looking horse that is inked using many different shades. It appears as if a real horse is running with all its might.

3D horse tattoo

Image credit: Lookmytattoo

10. 3D Celtic Tattoo Design

The Celtic 3D designs are very popular with men and women who like the varied shapes and designs that look amazing. Here, the design is Celtic, inked on shoulders.

3D Celtic Tattoo Design

Image credit: Tatto0

11. 3D cat tattoo

If you are a cat person, then inking this 3D tattoo would perhaps be suited to your taste. The shoulder of the person is inked with a big face of a cat that looks quite beautiful and fearsome too!

3D cat tattoo

Image credit: Favimages

12. Puzzle with dripping blood

The tattoo is designed in the shape of a puzzle that is leaking of blood and looks simply scary, but for those that love to spook others, the puzzle 3D tattoo design is the best to be inked.

Puzzle with dripping blood

Image credit: Lovetogetinked

13. Colorful 3D Rose Tattoo

Roses look beautiful in any type of design. The 3D rose tattoo just becomes all the more enticing since it lends a very sexy look to the wearer. In the image, the wearer is sporting a 3D rose tattoo on her upper arms that go all the way down and give the impression of a full sleeve T shirt designed with roses.

Colorful 3D Rose Tattoo

14. Unique patterned 3D leg tattoo

The patterned 3D tattoo shown in the picture makes the thighs of the woman look not only amazing but also displays her creative sense. However, this tattoo design must only be inked by a professional tattoo maker as it involves lot of technical knowledge besides a good and skilled hand.

Unique patterned 3D leg tattoo

Image credit: Followpics


15.Butterfly 3D tattoo

Butterfly tattoos have always been in vogue but these tattoos when inked in 3D, add a different angle all together! Here, you can see a 3D butterfly tattoo inked gorgeously in blues and blacks with a sexy looking border that adds glamour to these beautiful winged creatures.

Butterfly 3D tattoo

Image credit: Fashionandhappify

So, here was the list that, am sure would give you some idea about the best 3D tattoo designs. Have a look and get one today!