Top 12 Name Tattoo Ideas for Girls


I am a big fan of name tattoos since these carry some meaning and also look great on any part of the body. My husband has our son’s name inked on his arm and boy…it surely looks cute and every time I see it, the ‘love bubble’ in me just gets a little more energetic and pops out straight for my dear hubby! Here is a list of the top 12 name tattoo ideas selected by me. Have a look:

1. Baby name tattoo with an imprint of baby palm

The woman looks absolutely stunning with her child’s name and palm inked on the side of her back. It is simple but looks cute.

Baby name tattoo with an imprint of baby palm

Image credit: pinterest


2. Ankle name tattoo for girls

Most girls get their birth years and names tattooed on their ankles that makes them look like style divas and yes, there is no exaggeration when I say that gals actually do look like superstars when they get their names tattooed on their feminine ankles! Such tattoos lend femininity and also look charming.

Ankle name tattoo for girls

Image credit: creativefan\

3. Woman wrist tattoo

There are a number of spectacular name tattoo designs that can be inked on your wrist such as the one shown below that shows a woman wearing a name tattoo design that looks awesome and stylish. The design looks sober but sexy.

Woman wrist tattoo

Image credit: tattoo-how

4. Sexy name tattoo

The tattoo is inked in black and looks simple yet stunning. Many girls are inking their love partner’s names too when getting a tattoo for themselves.

Sexy name tattoo

Image credit: tattoosmob

5. Heart tattoo design with name on chest

This is one peculiar looking design that looks out of the box but its definitely nice and chic. There is a heart and within it you can see some names, though, the letters may seem jumbled up a bit. Quite a confusing looking tattoo, I must say!

Heart tattoo design with name on chest

Image credit: blogtattoodesign

6. Stylish name tattoo

The look of the name tattoo is simply awesome and will attract the attention of many when you flaunt the sexy wrist with a sexier looking tattoo design!

Stylish name tattoo

Image credit: joaoleitao


7. Kid’s name tattoo

It is a common practice for people to ink their kid’s names on their body parts and here is one example of a tattoo done on the feet of a woman that sports the name of her two children. It is a simple tattoo but very special for the woman wearing it.

Kid's name tattoo

Image credit: tattoomojo

8. Mommy name tattoo

Most new age moms are now getting their children’s names inked on themselves such as the one seen below that shows a woman with the initials of her kid’s name tattooed right in the middle of a big red heart with wings. The tattoo looks quite beautiful.

Mommy name tattoo

Image credit: nonsensetomomsense

9. Wrist name tattoo

The wrist has always been a popular choice for getting name tattoos done. The one below looks quite pleasing and charming to the eyes. The simplicity makes it even more attractive.

Wrist name tattoo

Image credit: stylesatlife

10. Spine name tattoo

Name tattoos are inked on the spine by many girls that makes their backs look sexy and chic. The girl in the picture probably has her name inked on her spine. The letters of the name are tattooed vertically across the spine in black colour. The whole back appears slender and very beautiful.

Spine name tattoo

Image credit: tattooset

11. Name and crown tattoo

The woman’s upper back is looking extremely sexy because she has got a very pleasing crown and name tattoo inked on herself. The name Henry along with the crown looks attractive and makes you take notice of her!

Name and crown tattoo

Image credit: creativefan


12. Chest rose name tattoo

With two beautiful red roses on either side, the word ‘Vegan’ looks too sassy and carries loads of oomph too. The design is loved by many women all across the globe.

Chest rose name tattoo

Image credit: busbones

Name tattoos are fashionable and are extremely popular with both men and women. If you have someone very special in your life, you can take your pick from the list shown above. It will definitely be worth it!