Top 12 Lady Gaga Tattoo Designs


Crazy and sensational are the words that best describe the very talented and mysterious pop icon Lady Gaga who happens to take the term eccentric to newer heights every time she gets a new tattoo inked on her body and makes a style statement that comes so naturally to her. In fact, as a matter of fact, she is a ‘walking talking’ showroom for displaying all kinds of tattoos , and mind you…her tattoos are sensational as she is. Come and take a look at the top 12 tattoos that define what Lady Gaga is all about. Here they follow:

1. Unique unicorn tattoo

The tattoo of a unicorn is inked right on her left thigh and looks incredibly sexy. Along with the unicorn, you can also spot a message that reads” Born This Way”. It is presumed she got the unicorn tattoo before releasing her famous album by the same name.

Unique unicorn tattoo

Image credit: Popsugar


2. Treble Clef Back tattoo

A treble clef is a musical note that was inked on Gaga’s lower back as a mark of her love and dedication to music. The tattoo looks stunning on her back and has become a style icon. Also, you can see a flower design inked just on the side of the clef that makes it appear even sexier than before.

Treble Clef Back tattoo

Image credit: Appspot

3. Beautiful Daisy tattoo

Touted as one of the most beautiful of all the tattoos on Gaga’s body, the daisy tattoo was inked when she was a teenager and looks beautiful and sexy. There are three daisies inked in black. Besides the daisy tattoo, there is another tattoo that we will soon talk about.

Beautiful Daisy tattoo

Image credit: Blogspot

4. Peace tattoo design

The peace tattoo has a lot of meaning since it stands for a person’s belief in peace and love. When it comes to peace, how can Gaga be left behind? Well, she got this inked to pay her respect to the legendary Beatles band member John Lennon and to commemorate his death. Its done on her left wrist.

Peace tattoo design

Image credit: Stealherstyle

5. Lady Gaga Rose tattoo

The rose is a sign of beauty and femininity and these are the things that Gaga worship. That is the reason why she got this beautiful rose tattoo inked on her waist. It is a stunner for sure!

Lady Gaga Rose tattoo

Image credit: Tattoopins

6. Tokyo Love tattoo

There is a history behind this tattoo too, like most of Gaga’s tattoos! She got the tattoo inked to commemorate her association with the ace Japanese photographer named Araki when she went to Tokyo a few years back. The tattoo is inked just above her daisies and looks cool.

Tokyo Love tattoo

Image credit: Kanyetothe


7. German Text Tattoo

Gaga calls herself a romantic at heart and that is the reason why she got this German Text tattoo inked on her inner arms while on a trip to Japan. The text is actually written by Rainer Maria Rilke, whom gaga worships as her favorite writer. Its poetic and quite romantic. The look is somber yet pretty.

German Text Tattoo

Image credit: stylecraze

8. Cherub tattoo

The famous tattoo artist Michael Mahoney tattooed the beautiful Cherub on Gaga’s partly shaved head at the back. The whole act was captured live on TV and made Gaga a tattoo queen!

Cherub tattoo

Image credit: Starzlife

9. Little Monsters tattoo

How many celebrities are known to have inked their bodies to show their love for the fans that made them stars? Well, in Gaga’s case, she has gone ahead and got this Monsters tattoo inked just below the German tattoo. It is a cool and neat tattoo but the thing that makes it special is her love for her fans.

Little Monsters tattoo

Image credit: Mtv

10. Artpop tattoo

Artpop was her album that released in 2013 and motivated Gaga to ink the name on her inner left arm. The tattoo is nothing spectacular but it looks crisp and neat.

Artpop tattoo

Image credit: Findembassy

11. New Anchor tattoo

Bang on her rib cage is the New Anchor tattoo inked two years back. A regular at the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum, she got this one done, the reason of which is still a mystery!

New Anchor tattoo

Image credit: Kingdomgaga


12. Dad tattoo

The Dad tattoo was always popular but it has become a must for all the daughters these days to dedicate this tattoo to their dads who have played an important part in their lives. Gaga, too, has gotten this tattoo inked as a mark of respect for her dad whom she loves like crazy. It is a simple heart design in the middle of which Dad word is inked.

Dad tattoo

Image credit: Stylecraze

Lady Gaga never fails to surprise us, and so, when she gets a new tattoo inked, it becomes the ‘News of the century’ since her tattoos are a reflection of her persona we have all come to love.