Top 12 Butterfly Tattoo Designs for Girls


The butterfly – the eternal symbol for transformation. Indeed, there is no better symbol to celebrate one’s spiritual growth or to mark an important transition in life. Plus, let’s face it: it’s just so pretty. No wonder it’s one of the go-to tattoo designs for girls. It embodies everything that makes girls so alluring- the beauty, the mystique, the grace, and the ability to evolve to something absolutely mesmerizing.

1. Butterfly on the Nape

The nape of the neck is one of the sexiest places where you can hide your butterfly tattoo. Its beauty is tastefully obscured and is only revealed when you sweep up all that gorgeous hair into a bun or when you get the courage to get a cute pixie cut.

Tattoos for women

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2. The Monarch Butterfly on the Finger

One way to wear a butterfly tattoo proudly but not too loudly is by getting a tiny one on your middle finger. You can be sure that it will be seen even if you don’t go crazy on the size and color.

Hand tattoo for women

Image Credit: Shockmansion

3. Butterfly on the Wrist

Just like the butterfly, the wrist is delicate and has a unique sensual appeal – this makes it another ideal spot for this kind of in design.

wrist tattoo

Image Credit: Fair Tattoo

4. Butterfly Outline on the Back

A butterfly may be colorful by nature but there’s no problem in going black and white for a minimalistic but strong punch.

tattoos for women

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5. Mini-Butterfly on the Foot

Speaking of minimalists, you can cut your outline butterfly tattoo down to a cute size and place it on your foot.

tattoo for women

Image Credit: Tattooton

6. Butterfly Wings Spanning Entire Back

If “Go big or go home” is your motto in life, then this massive piece is for you. Intricate, dark, and all over your back.

back tattoo for women

Image Credit: Renescertattoo

7. Half body Butterfly

You can display the butterfly’s majestic profile on half of your body. This particular piece made use of dark colors, fine lines, and shadowing to create a look of mystique.

tattoos for women

Image Credit: Tattooku

8. Multiple Butterflies Across the Shoulder

Multiply the charm by inking more than one butterfly across your shoulder down to your back.

back tattoo for women

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9. Butterfly Take-Off

This is another classic butterfly tattoo design – the butterfly that is about to take flight. The color of the butterfly and the shadowing technique are very crucial factors in creating this body art.

butterfly tattoo for women

10. The Small Butterfly on the Chest

That spot above the breast and just below the shoulder is a great place to draw a detailed butterfly either in color or in just black.

butterfly tattoos for women

Image Source: Tattoo99

11. Split Hand Butterfly

Give both your hands their fair share of colorful ink with this traditional split hand butterfly design.

hand tattoo for women

Image Credit:Inked Mag

12. Butterfly with Flowers

The butterfly design is best complemented by another popular tattoo design – the flower tattoo. Putting them together is nature at its best and is the best opportunity for you to incorporate more colors.

butterfly tattoo for women

Whether you want something dramatic or something simplistic yet loaded with symbolism, there is a perfect butterfly design for you. With the many creative placements and design possibilities, it is nearly impossible not to find one that will suit your style and lifestyle.