Top 10 Japanese Sleeve Tattoos for Women


Japanese sleeve tattoos are a good way to go if you are looking for ideas on both exotic and contemporary tattoo designs. The endless search for the best Japanese sleeve tattoo design stops here. See for yourself.

1. Best Sleeve tattoo design

Ask anyone and they will tell you Japanese sleeve tattoos don’t come better than this. This is how to set standards and if you are here looking for the best Japanese sleeve tattoo, then you have your answer.

Japanese Sleeve tattoo design for women

Image credit: Csphotolounge

2. Black Flower Tattoo

This tattoo contrasts very well with the skin tone. It is an absolute classic among those who love vintage desqigns.

Flower Women Tattoo Ideas

Image credit: Jixor

3. Full Print Tattoo Design

Are you looking for a bold and detailed tattoo? This is an example of a clear and detailed tattoo.

Japanese Sleeve Tattoos for Women

Image credit: Urbantattoo78

4. Skull tattooed on arm

A skull tattoo makes for a nice tattoo image and works best with those who want to show their tattoos sparingly.

 sleeve Japanese tattoo

Image credit: Ingeniouscreativity

5. Artistic arm tattoo

This epic Japanese tattoo summarizes the beauty of tattoos especially on the sleeves. It is certainly a very creative way to express oneself using the tattoo.

Japanese Sleeve Tattoos for Women

Image credit: Tattoomagz

6. Sexy tattoo design

A change from routine tattoo designs brings us to this energetic and youthful tattoo. It is certainly bound to give one a feel good factor.

Japanese tattoo design ideas for ladies

Image credit: Webcontemporary

7. Trendy writings Tattoo

The glow on this tattoo makes the writings which are already bold an epic artwork and a sight to behold.

Japanese Sleeve Tattoos for Women

Image credit: Tutorialchip

8. Priceless half sleeve tattoos

This tattoo is simply cool. It draws attention and curiosity which is a good way to shape opinions about yourself.

Japanese Sleeve Tattoos for Women

Image credit: Ingeniouscreativity

9. Quarter Sleeve Tattoo

All sorts of shapes and perhaps messages can be found on this tattoo and they have not just been thrown around. It would actually take expert hands to pull off the same design off in replica.

Best Quarter Sleeve Tattoo Ideas For Women

Image credit: Toycyte

10. Concealed tattoo design

This tattoo is inspired by nature and it clearly has every ingredient of  a great tattoo.

Concealed sleeve tattoo

Image credit: Infinitytattoodesigns

Japanese sleeve tattoos are a great statement of ones expressions. But only the special tattoos that have taken great research and quality towards making it reality stand out and guarantees satisfaction.