Top 10 Flower Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women


Due to a common gender stereotype, the flower tattoos for many years was gender exclusive tattoo design among girls. But however, as the times are changing and a lot of stereotypes fade away, the flower tattoo design is increasing its popularity among men as well. This tattoo design has a really elegant and beautiful appearance and holds big artistic and symbolic value. Take a look at the below list of most creative and amazing flower tattoo ideas for men and women.

1. Beautiful Rose on shoulder blade

This is a simple and yet pretty flower tattoo design. The bright and electric red color fits perfectly on this girl’s shoulder blade.

Beautiful Rose on shoulder blade

Image Credit: Get Better Life

2. Beautiful flowers tattoo on the back

The bold and wide structure of this cool flower tattoo design goes perfectly with the flawless ink technique and daring design.

Beautiful flowers tattoo on the back

Image Credit: Flickr

3. Chest flower tattoo for men

Here is a great example of how flower tattoo design can look masculine and cool on the man’s chest. This is a super cool and creative flower tattoo.

Chest flower tattoo  for men

Image Credit: Favim

4. Colorful Flowers Tattoo

This is super provocative and sexy flower tattoo on woman’s ribs and lower abs. The colors of this tattoo add a special effect to the appearance of the tattoo.

Colorful Flowers Tattoo

Image Credit: Bookiblog

5. Full sleeve men flower tattoo

The bright and vibrant colors of this tattoo design add a bold and unique accent of this full sleeve flower tattoo design.

Full sleeve men flower tattoo

Image Credit: Tattoomenow

6. Men Flower Tattoo Design

The black ink is a great choice for a flower tattoo on both hands, it looks cool and unique.

Men Flower Tattoo Design

Image Credit: TheCeleb

7. Flower tattoo on chest

Here is another example of a man’s flower tattoo on chest. This tattoo looks beautiful and unique.

Flower tattoo on chest

Image Credit: Feedlol

8. Flower tattoo for men on biceps

The crown on the red flowers adds a huge symbolic and artistic value to this beautiful flower tattoo design on men’s biceps.

Flower tattoo for men on biceps

Image Credit: Tatttomenow

9. Pretty Flowers on Shoulder

The design of this girly floral tattoo is just amazing and astonishing.

Pretty Flowers on Shoulder

Image Credit: We Heart it

10. Sexy Roses on Feet

The red bold rose tattoo on a girl’s foot looks super sexy and cool.

Sexy Roses on Feet

Image Credit: We Heart it

What do you think about these tattoo designs? Do you have more ideas? Share them with us in the comments below.