Top 10 Couple Tattoo Ideas


If you find your right one and you want to show your love in artistic way, nothing will capture your love better than a super adorable couple tattoo. Matching tattoos have a super sentimental and symbolic value. It is just amazing to know that someone you love has something similar as you. Couple tattoos have been a huge trend in the tattoo world in the recent years, because they are sweet, profound and meaningful. Take a look at the below list of most adorable couple tattoo design ideas.

1. Heart on hands

Half heart tattoo on each hand that creates a complete heart when you hold arms with your loved one is just adorable and beautiful.

Heart on hands

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

2. Identical Tattoos

Identical bold stars is a great idea for a couple tattoo, since the star represents eternity.

Identical Tattoos

Image Credit: Find me a tattoo

3. Initial couple tattoo

This is another half heart tattoo but this one is on the fingers. This is really cool and sweet idea for a couple tattoo.

Initial couple tattoo

Image Credit: Mkwhy

4. Lock and the key tattoo

This is a very symbolic and beautiful couple tattoo. The sentimental and symbolic value of this tattoo is just magnificent.

Lock and the key tattoo

Image Credit: Ivillage

5. Love Notes

Identical love notes tattoo design is cute and creative idea to show your love to the world.

Love Notes

Image Credit: Sunlightistheirfashion

6. Nickname tattoo

Couples most often have special nicknames for each other and tattooing those nicknames is a really cool and bold idea.

Nickname tattoo

Image Credit: PassioneTattoo

7. Origami Swans

Origami in different colors is really cute and creative couple tattoo idea.

Origami Swans

Image Credit: Follow the Colors

8. Romantic Quote Tattoo

Poetic quote is a beautiful and a really meaningful couple tattoo idea.

Romantic Quote Tattoo

Image Credit: Smosh

9. Silhouette Tattoos

This is really beautiful and daring way to capture the love of your sweetheart.

Silhouette Tattoos

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

10. Twist around tattoo

Twist around poetic quote tattoo design is beautiful and charming couple tattoo idea.

Twist around tattoo

Image Credit: Ivillage

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