Top 10 Angelina Jolie Tattoo Designs


Besides her awe inspiring beauty and talent, Angelina Jolie is as well popular for her ink passion and love for body art. Since her debut in the movie world, we had chance to see an ample of many symbolic and artistic tattoo design on Angelina’s body. Every tattoo that she have, represents something deeply meaningful and holds huge symbolic and sentimental value. Check out below the best of the best Angelina Jolie’s tattoo designs. Enjoy!

1. Arabic script tattoo

The Arabic script tattoo on Jolie’s right arm in translation means “Determination”. She got this tattoo to cover the abstract line tattoo that she had done together with her ex husband.

Arabic script tattoo

Image Credit: Daily Mail

2. Bengal tiger tattoo

The Bengal tiger tattoo design on Angelina’s lower back is one of the most daring and bold tattoo that she ever had done.

Bengal tiger tattoo

Image Credit: FreeTattooDesign

3. Billy Bob Tattoo

This is an old tattoo with the name of her ex-husband Billy Bob. Angelina removed this tattoo after 5 treatments at the Tattoo Removal Clinic.

Billy Bob Tattoo

Image Credit: Tatto0

4. Bold Cross

This is one of her most significant tattoos. Right next to the bold cross there is a Latin quote tattoo that says “Quod me nutrit me destroit” meaning “What feeds me, destroys me”.

Bold Cross

Image Credit: Allcelebpics

5. Buddhist Pali incantation

The Buddhist pali on her left shoulder blade Angelia got in Bangkok, Thailand. This tattoo design consists of a Buddhist Pali incantation written in Khmer script which is an official language in Cambodia.

Buddhist Pali incantation

Image Credit: StyleCraze

6. Geographical coordinates

This tattoo design has the biggest sentimental value among all Angelina tattoos. This tattoo has a geographical coordinates that show all the places where she had adopted or born a child.

Geographical coordinates

Image Credit: Free tattoo designs

7. Know Your Rights

The know your rights tattoo is a title of Angelina’s favorite song.

know your rights

Image Credit: Mirror

8. Roman Numeric 13

Angelina got this tattoo to cover another tattoo that she had done together with Billy Bob.

Roman Numeric 13

Image Credit: Slodive

9. Toil Tears

This tattoo refers to the old quote “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil and tears.”

Toil Tears

Image Credit: Celebreitesnewslive

10. Japanese Sign

This tattoo on her left shoulder blade is a Japanese sign for courage.

Japanese Sign

Image Credit: Tattoo Models

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