50 Captivating Thigh Tattoo Designs


The thigh is considered as one of the sexy quotients of a human body in both genders. It is one of the skin spots that fall in between visible and concealed, making it a perfect canvass for permanent inks.

In line with tattoo designs, the thigh has the flexibility to cater all types of patterns, ranging from subtle to loud designs. It is a spot wherein the tattoo can get small but not obscure, and large yet not bragging.

Take a look at these 50 Captivating Thigh Tattoo Designs for men and women that might inspire you on getting one! Bear in mind that regardless of the wearer’s style likings, thigh tattoos can definitely be one of the best eye-catching tattoos out there.


501. Intricate Roses Thigh Tattoo

Image Credit: Viral Nova
  • 17 and 32 are obviously NOT tattoos…