30 Alluring Tattoos On The Thigh


The body has a lot of spaces where a tattoo can be placed. If an enthusiast wants to have a big tattoo, he/she can go for the back and chest. If the size is small and manageable, then the arms should do. For tattoos that are already too big for the arms yet still too small to occupy a good space at the back or chest, there is only one part you can choose next, the thighs.

Tattoos inked in the thighs can be considered discreet tattoos since they can easily be hidden from the public. You can have thigh tattoos and still be confident during crucial job interviews. Since the space provided for that tats is relatively bigger compared to the arms, a lot more complicated and elaborate tattoos can be placed in the thigh regions. You can either place at the front so that you can see the tat for yourself or have it in the back side underneath your butt.

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We have gathered 30 of the best thigh tattoos that are already showcased in the web. Enjoy the samples and support the art.

29Shaded Gray Roses Thigh Tattoo

Shaded Gray Roses Thigh Tattoo

Image Credit: Indulgy