Tattoo Designs

Tattoo Designs

Unique Collection of Tattoo Designs That Inspires Your Day

We all are aware that men and women love to adorn their bodies with beautiful tattoos designs, all of which come in hundreds of color themes and patterns. But the main problem when choosing Tattoo Designs is the placement and the money involved in getting tattooed. Whatever is the design you choose for yourself, make sure that it would be loved and will not become an eyesore for others. So, to ease your job, here is presenting before you a list of awesome tattoos designs that will make you swoon with joy: tattoo designs image

Animal Tattoo Designs

Such designs involve animals like tigers, lions, elephants, dragons, wolves and small insects like butterflies and dragonflies. Tiger motif tattoo designs are engraved mostly on men to symbolize masculinity and raw power. Similarly, lions too denote stealth and powerful aspects of a man's personality. Women mostly prefer to get dragonfly tattoo designs as these look beautiful. Elephants and wolves live in packs and are symbolical of close family ties. Both men and women are seen to possess a liking for these cool animal tattoo designs.

Floral Tattoo Motifs

While, it is the girls that seem to get attracted to cute and beautiful flower tats, men too are opting to get roses and lotuses inked combined with tattoo designs involving colorfully depicted koi and a host of other cool designs.

Love Tattoo Designs

Since humans crave for love and all feelings associated with it, love tattoo designs occupy a significant place when one thinks of getting tattoo designs with love figuring as the main element. Love tats usually involve the use of colorful hearts with 'love' inscribed within. Young girls often get love quote tats carved to dedicate it to their boyfriends and vice versa. Many of the above listed tats are simple while others involve elaborate work. It is advised that you consult your tattoo artist before choosing one. Browse a great collection of tattoo designs beautifully categorized as follows:

Blue Bicycle Sleeve Tattoo

30 Cool Bicycle Tattoos

One of the most successful invention that humans ever created is the bicycle. Not only it’s the most efficient and eco-friendly ride, it is also iconic in both sports and romance. Clearly, this 2-wheel...
Geometric Leaves Calf Tattoos

30 Interesting Back Of Leg Tattoo

When you are up for a new tattoo, first time or an addition, and you want to put on the next best place you can think of, today’s post gives you the best option...
Crow On Skull Back Tattoo

30 Badass Skull Tattoos

There are tattoo designs common to the business today that by default define the word badass. However, in today’s post we are listing the most badass of all badass design of a particular famous...
Ribbon Wings Back Tattoo

30 Seductive Back Tattoos For Women

If Justin T. is bring sexy back, today’s post will definitely define how the back can get a lot sexier. To all the men readers out there, we’re sorry to disappoint you a little...
An Old Lighthouse Side Tattoo

30 Sexy Rib Tattoos

I know they are a lot of tattoo designs out there nowadays that caters to all people and to all requests. The art of tattooing is now available for everyone and can be done...
Gorgeous Lotus Tattoo On Uppper Back

38 Feminine Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos have come a long way from just a tribal ritual or someone’s pastime to a venue of art and expressionism. The art itself caters to all walks of life and its purpose are...
Different Arm Bands Tattoo

30 Exquisite Gold Tattoos

They say that having a tattoo makes a person a bad-ass if not fashionable. For the most part, that statement is actually true however tattoos nowadays are done in so many different techniques that...
Sanskrit Characters in Circling Pattern Arm Tattoo

30 Beautiful Sanskrit Tattoos

In the world of tattoos, most of the times, people lean on getting tattoos that are in words or their favorite phrases. However, having them in style we are all familiar of makes the...
Watercolor Balloon Tree Calf Tattoo

30 Cute Leg Tattoos

One of the most preferred body part for tattoo placement are the legs. Legs are chosen because tattoo inked on this area can easily be hidden from the viewing public if there’s a need...
Geometric Penguins Wrist Tattoos

30 Cute Wrist Tattoos

Tattoos come in all shapes and sizes and are inked on almost all parts of one man’s body. There are body parts that allow large and elaborate tattoos because of the ski space it...
Map and Compass Shoulder Blade Tattoo

30 Trendy Skin Tear Tattoo

There are a lot of bad-ass tattoo designs that are popular to the public nowadays. There are these 3D designs that look like real captured images carved into one’s skin. There are also watercolor...
Watchful Owl Tattoo

30 Eye-Catching Neck Tattoo Designs

One of the most bold, visible and painful area where a person can have a tattoo is on the neck. People with neck tattoos are usually those that already have many tattoos in their...
Mouth Skeleton Hand Tattoo

36 Awesome Tattoo Designs

There are tattoos that are good art while some you can say that its one of the best. There may be one that is exactly what you're looking for and yet there are a...
Dotwork Wing Pattern Tattoo

30 Sneaky Behind The Ear Tattoos

You guys want to have a cute tattoo but can’t decide where to put it? Well, this next post is all about tattoo placed in not so discreet area yet can easily be hidden...
Dead Mexican with Crown Thigh Tattoo

30 Alluring Tattoos On The Thigh

The body has a lot of spaces where a tattoo can be placed. If an enthusiast wants to have a big tattoo, he/she can go for the back and chest. If the size is...
Shaded Wolves and an Eye Chest Tattoo

30 Astonishing Chest Tattoo Ideas

Today we are going back to basics. What I mean about basics is the how things were known and popular in the past, particularly in tattoos. In the past, when people talk about tattoos,...
Matching Infinity Roses Forearm Tattoo

30 Lovely Infinity Tattoo

There are things in this universe that we consider eternal and everlasting. If you are the romantic type, you’ll probably would say that you’re love for a special someone is forever, or if you’re...
Realistic Black Widow 3D Shoulder Tattoo

30 Best 3D Tattoos

There are tattoos that are made beautifully in simple black and white. Then, there are a number of which that are brought to life by splashing colors into them. Finally, there are tattoos out...
Space Inspired Side Body Tattoo

30 Triangle Glyph Tattoo Designs

Sometimes tattoo designs are overwhelming. It may be done just like an outline or with a more complicated colored medium, the design itself feels cramped on a limited space which is the skin. An optical...
Butterfly Forearm Tattoo

40 Creative Watercolor Tattoo Fade Styles

Here we are again with yet another awesome collection of watercolor tattoos. If you may recall, watercolor tattoos are those tattoos that topples down all other because of its complexity and artistry. This time, what...

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