38 Bright Sunflower Tattoo Designs


It may be the season of winter for most of the northern countries right now but that does not impede us from posting a bright and yellow blossom subject for today’s tattoo that would surely make your day.

The sunflower is one of the most unique flower species found around the world. It is very recognizable thanks to its relatively large flower with numerous yellow petals. Each of its lovely flower also grows alone on its own stalk so giving a sunflower to a person would also mean giving the whole plant itself. This flower is very interesting and peculiar one since it literally move or turn its head during the day, always facing where the sun is.

Sunflower is a very good tattoo subject no doubt. A lot of tattoo enthusiasts choose this as their tat because it symbolizes new hope, peace of mind, and the promise of the future. Mostly done in watercolor to emphasize the beauty of its petals, sunflower tattoos can be rendered in almost all techniques and can be placed in every good body parts. The more realistic the sunflower tattoo is, the more refreshing it is for the eyes not just for the owner but all who sees it. Just be careful though, a large and beautiful flower inked on your shoulder not only attracts people but bees as well and this is no joke!

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Anyways, here are 38 of the coolest sunflower tattoos shared over the internet today. Enjoy you guys!

38Dotwork Sunflower Arm Tattoo

Dotwork Sunflower Arm Tattoo

Image Credit: Facebook