30 Fancy Sugar Skull Owl Tattoo Designs


There are a lot of tattoo designs already created and invented throughout the history of the art. There are design themes that are defined and specific while some others are sophisticated and ambiguous. Interestingly, there are tattoo designs out there that incorporate two known subjects into one and somehow the result is something much more interesting. Today’s showcase is a great example of which.

Sugar skull owl tattoos is a cool combination of a skull (famously known for the mexican festival for the Day of the Dead) embraced completely by an owl.

Most of the time, the tattoo is done monochromatically however there are unique few that were colored and added with borders and other designs. Personally, this tattoo design is more than what one could ask for. It has enough elements to satisfy a heart of an individual who is in need of a good tattoo experience. The owl represents the good side while the skull is of the rebel side. One may add color for more life or add flowers too.

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Check out the amazing collection of this unusual-yet-effective tandem tattoo which I personally would recommend to everyone. I am sure, you guys would love it all the way.

30Blackwork And Dotwork Sugar Skull Owl Arm Tattoo

Blackwork And Dotwork Sugar Skull Owl Arm Tattoo

Image Credit: Yeah Tattoos