30 Small Skull Tattoos


The skull design is probably one of the top 3 designs for a tattoo all over the world. This design not only celebrates the idea of death, it also depicts poison, pirates, and somehow, strength. However, most of the skull tattoos we normally see in the public and in any feature item are the large ones.

In today’s offerings, we give you guys not just the coolest skull tattoos out there but also the skull tattoos that are so cute and unusually small. These tattoos apparently do not disappoint their owners and public viewers because the designs and the stories created behind each were not affected its mere size.

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Browse through to all of the awesome tattoos we have complied and scoured for you guys. Now we all know that getting a skull tattoo does not always require a large skin space and perfection can be obtained even from the smallest sizes. Enjoy everyone!

29Little Skull with Large Red Rose Finger Tattoo

Little Skull with Large Red Rose Finger Tattoo

Image Credit: Cuded