33 Stunning Small Butterfly Tattoo


This next feature design is no stranger to the tattoo world especially for the ladies. This design is one of the most requested and most common ink one can notice anywhere in the world.

Butterflies are known for its exquisite beauty and the array of colors it can exhibit. It is like nature’s ultimate example of beauty among all its creation. Small tattoos of these insect are widely famous because even in minute scale, it is still recognizable and the color choices can still be rendered artistically. Small butterfly tattoos usually are inked on neck, hips, and lower back. However, due to its versatility, these design can be put on to any body part one would like.

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Choose from the variety of styles and samples of small butterfly tattoos we have in store for you today. For first-timers and in-doubts, small butterfly tattoos are great choices for you which can surely change your perspective towards perpetual body inks.


33Dotwork Small Butterfly Leg Tattoo

Dotwork Small Butterfly Leg Tattoo

Image Credit: You Queen