30 Trendy Skin Tear Tattoo


There are a lot of bad-ass tattoo designs that are popular to the public nowadays. There are these 3D designs that look like real captured images carved into one’s skin. There are also watercolor and abstract tats that are comparable to masterpieces painted on a canvass. Today’s post is for me, one of the coolest and ingenious design for a tattoo, and I bet you all can agree to me once you see the samples.

Check out the skin tear tattoo designs. These designs are still categorized under 3D however they have this very specific element that make them famously known as a group, the subjects are rendered like they are coming out from the inside of the body while tearing up the skin to make themselves seen. Most of the designs are more direct to the point like showing the muscles and bones underneath the teared skin, while others tend to be more creative and imaginative. Some requests for weird and unusual elements to be placed under the skin like the things they love, cogs and gears, animals desperate to get out, and even the universe.

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The objective of skin tear tattoos is to create a realistic approach to an imaginative art. For more appreciation to this technique, we have 30 of the best skin tear tats showcased for you guys today. Enjoy the collection and may it inspire you guys to get your own in the near future.

30Superman Chest Tattoo

Image Credit: Tattoodo