30 Discreet Side Finger Tattoos


Want to be cool for having a tat yet having hesitation where to put it which you can hide and show anytime? How about having a side finger tattoo? It’s the best kind of tattoo for people who wants to point to show ink yet in a discreet way.

Side finger tattoo is one ingenious way of having an ink with default cool style because of its location. Although the space is limited, a lot of amazing designs can be done on the area which adds to the effect and theme. Most of the designs we found that were shared on the internet are words or names written in cursive. Some designs maximize and exploit the articulation and bends of the fingers. While most of the applied designs are things in minute sizes or in minimalistic approach.

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Check out 30 of the best side finger tattoos here today. Choose to your own liking and get it done for your pleasure.

30Sun And Moon Tattoos On Side Finger

Sun And Moon Tattoos On Side Finger

Image Credit: Seventeen