40 Picturesque Ship Tattoo Designs


There are a lot of things in this world that one person can collect up to one’s desire. Since collecting things need funding, being hooked into something is the next best thing. As for myself, I love anything that is anime or japanese animation. I collect replicas and stuff that are related to animes that I love and also spends too much time watching episodes and episodes of anime series whenever I get a chance to.

Since I’m mumbling about getting hooked into something, it is interesting for me to see people who loves and collects ships or sea vessels as a hobby. Although it is not rare, but whenever I see one and get to talk to one, I can feel their enthusiasm and see the joy in their eyes as they describe their favorite ships and big boats.

As a tribute to this people, I collected several tattoo designs that showcase different ships and sea transportation vehicles. This idea is also too cool for a tattoo, am I right? One can have the earlier ship designs like frigate and galleons while some can choose to have battleships and cruisers. I just look at the samples and I can already feel the adventures and thrills of sea travel. So, for you ship junkies out there, having a ship tattoo may be a good idea for you guys to have a perpetual collectible of your most favorite thing in the world on you, for as long as you may live.

Take a look at these 40 Picturesque Ship Tattoo Designs!

40Black And Grey Inked Ship Sleeve Tattoo

Black And Grey Inked Ship Sleeve Tattoo

Image Credit: The World Lyrics