30 Beautiful Sanskrit Tattoos


In the world of tattoos, most of the times, people lean on getting tattoos that are in words or their favorite phrases. However, having them in style we are all familiar of makes the tattoo common and boring for some. No worries though since there is an ancient form of writing that is famous for producing kick-ass tattoos and I’m pretty sure you guys would love it.

Sanskrit tattoos are text writings in a form of an ancient script, however still used today, and originated somewhere in East Asia. The writing itself is so cool to look at even though most of us can’t actually read what is written not unless you knew the word or words in the first place. Most of time, Sanskrit tattoos are accompanied by mandalas and hamsa since they are of the same origin.

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What we have for today are 30 of the best rendered Sanskrit tattoos out there which may serve as inspiration to all you guys. I made sure that the collection only showcase the best of the best since in order for you us to appreciate the unknown is to feel good about it and that’s what the selected tattoos are good at.

30Beautiful Sanskrit with Mandala Flower Side Tattoo

Beautiful Sanskrit with Mandala Flower Side Tattoo

Image Credit: Hative