30 Dauntless Sailor Tattoos


When I was still a child, I only wanted to watch two cartoon shows in the television. The first one would be Tom and Jerry and the second one is Popeye the Sailorman. For the latter, it inspired me to love the sea and sea travel. Aside from the fact that we lived near a beach when I was little, I do not have sea sick and among all types of transportation, sea travel is one of the best experiences for me.

To remember my admiration to sea travel, today’s tattoo post is all about sailors and sailing. Sailor tattoos are dedicated to the men who brave the open seas in order to transport people and goods across countries and continents. Sailor tattoos are mostly inked traditionally because sailors don’t have the luxury of the more technical ones whenever they are at sea. Most of the common related designs for a sailor tat are anchors, boats, floaters, and the sea itself. There are also quotes about life at sea and the challenges and perils sailors faced when they are in line of duty.

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A lot more is in store for you guys today and one of which is the good ‘ol Popeye. Enjoy the collection and Ahoy!

29Love for Sailing Full Sleeve Tattoo

Love for Sailing Full Sleeve Tattoo

Image Credit: ForCreativeJuice