30 Piercing Rose and Dagger Tattoos


Tattoo acquisition is most of the time is a result from strong emotional outburst. One person could be so happy at one point that he decided to get a smiley tattoo or a replica of his favorite cartoon character. A person may have felt so ecstatic from visiting an amazing place that he could not hold down himself to perpetualize the experience through a tattoo. Different extreme emotions, different tattoo designs inked.

Another example of this is the featured design for today and that is betrayal or heartbroken. Almost all adults may have experience this kind of pain, one way or another. To describe the pain, usually it is like your heart or the love you offered is being stabbed cruelly by a dagger. Love and passion is usually metaphored by a rose so having a rose pierced with a dagger makes more dramatic symbolism to such suffering. The combination of a dagger and a rose as a tattoo, believe it or not, is one of the most famous designs out there.

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To appreciate these very emotional tat design, here are 30 of the best samples we took from the internet. Feel the pain, and feel the struggle. If you can relate, get your own and you may never know, the pain of getting the tattoo may numb you of the pain you’re experiencing within.

29Intense Shaded Rose and Dagger Arm Tattoo

Intense Shaded Rose and Dagger Arm Tattoo

Image Credit: Floriansantus