30 Sexy Rib Tattoos


I know they are a lot of tattoo designs out there nowadays that caters to all people and to all requests. The art of tattooing is now available for everyone and can be done in almost anywhere and in any part of a person’s body. Speaking of location, I don’t know about you guys, but among all famous tattoo areas, I always find rib tattoos the sexiest.

I find it sexy probably because these tattoos are primarily designed for empowered women of the world. However, if you check out the samples for today’s tattoo collection, many of the rib tattoos are inked on the side bodies of a man. Not like I pre-selected samples for men, but the designs that I was eyeing for today’s post are unintentionally with them so I hope everyone’s okay with that. Anyways, rib tattoos can follow the contours created by the rib cage or the under boob area if it is for women. The design possibilities may be endless but most of them are fitted so that when boasted to the public, the designs won’t look awkward and stretched.

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As what I just said, today’s post contains 30 of the coolest side or rib tattoos that social media shared for us all. Browse through the collection and love something for your own which you may be consider to have in the near future.

30Shaded Black and White Lion Rib Tattoo

Shaded Black and White Lion Rib Tattoo

Image Credit: MensTattooIdeas