40 Photography Tattoos For Camera Aficionado


Photographs are a snapshot of time printed on a piece of a shiny paper. Because of this invention, people can easily preserve any precious memories they want to keep. One can say that photographs make reminiscing memories a perpetual privilege.

Now, what happens if the profession of creating perpetual memento becomes a subject of a perpetual skin art? Definitely, the result would be totally awesome.

Photography tattoos are like dedication to the craft for its contribution to humanity especially to the person bearing the tat. Some of the most common subjects for photography tats found out there are of course the cameras, aperture, film, and lenses. People with tattoos that can be associated with photography is 100% an enthusiast of the craft.

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Smile and enjoy the coolest photography tattoos we scoured over the internet in today’s post. Photography tattoos are best for all kinds of tattoo patrons so do not hesitate to consider one or two of the samples for your own.

40Linework Photography Arm Tattoo

Linework Photography Arm Tattoo

Image Credit: Tattoodo