38 Sophisticated Peacock Tattoos


Tattoos are most of all, are all about the viewing pleasure of the public. Maybe not more than the personal attachment and symbolism, but owners also consider if people who will see the tattoo will love and appreciate the design. So because of that, designs that are lobbied by tattoo masters on their portfolio are usually those that has the appeal to the masses, of course, being creative and kick-ass is also a must.

Speaking of a creative tattoo inspiration that surely has an appeal for the public eye, today’s post is all about peacocks. Peacocks are famously known for its amazing feather colors especially on its tails. Tattoo artists knew that once they go peacock, there is no holding back in rendering the needed colors. Peacock tattoos demand all the artistic juices, the sweat and tears from a tattoo artist which makes us confident that the end result is nothing short of amazing.

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We have 38 of the best peacock tattoos inked out there. Check out these kick-ass collection and take time to appreciate the effort of the tattoo artists who contribute so much in making human life experience so awesome.

38White Ink Peacock Back Tattoo

White Ink Peacock Back Tattoo

Image Credit: Cuded