35 Incredible Ocean Tattoo Designs


No one can physically grasp the vastness and greatness of the oceans. Oceans are as mysterious as space as the great minds of of today’s world still has a lot of questions about the things we all still do not know.

Oceans are also great sources for amazing tattoo ideas. This theme offers a lot of subjects that can highlighted on a small or grand tattoos. From the sources we have searched, we found ocean life, ocean travels, and ocean adventures. The ocean waves themselves are tattoo art on their simplest form that is why they are also abused as bands, small stamps, and minimalist marks.

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Sometime in our lives, we are drawn to the oceans and the waters encourage us to travel and experience life. To kick start these plans, why not get an ocean tattoo first? For your inspiration, here are the 35 Incredible Ocean Tattoo Designs!

35Geometric Ocean Arm Tattoo

Geometric Ocean Arm Tattoo

Image Credit: Tumblr