30 Breathtaking Negative Space Tattoos


What you guys are about to witness for today’s tattoo post is something so cool that each simple sample comes in two merged designs. A technique that for a person just like me who is unfortunately not gifted in visual arts would find amazing and a feat near impossible to do. Didn’t get my introduction, well, it is better for you guys to see it for yourself.

Featuring the tattoos in negative spaces. In simple terms, these are designs that are created from the blank spaces of another design. Imagine a silhouette but in art form, that is the negative space tattoo design. This technique not only requires mastery in the medium and style of rendering but also a creative mind to imagine and create a design emerging from a hidden canvass. The tattoo designs in line for you guys today are all like that, different subjects, different techniques but what’s common is the surprise within the blank spaces created.

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Again, the key to this technique is creativity and the element of surprise. Try browsing the collection without reading the titles. Some of the samples may have designs too obvious to miss but some are interesting enough to make you guys smile and be amazed.

30Flower Tattoo with Negative Space Arm Tattoo

Flower Tattoo with Negative Space Arm Tattoo

Image Credit: TattooBlend