30 Admirable Lower Back Tattoos For Girls


In the 90s, tattoo art became very popular in California, USA especially to the local women. Since men tattoos usually were placed on the arm areas, women that time tend to be different and started spreading the fame for having a tattoo in the lower back. When the movement became so well-known and so attached to the west coast, lower back tattoos have gained itself another name, the tramp stamps.

Tramp stamps are most of the times hidden and can only be seen when the wearer itself wants to show it off. Since this is a sensual area for a woman’s body, once this is revealed on public, it is clear that someone wants to grab a guy’s attention.

Lower back also offers a lot of space for tattoo to be inked on. Especially for short women, this body provides a smooth expanse, suitable for tattooing. Also, just like the upper back, the skin on the lower back region tends to stay as is even with the passing of age. So, colorful tattoos on this area preserve its colors longer than those that were inked on other parts.

Take a look at these 30 Admirable Lower Back Tattoos For Women and be inspired!

301. Lovely Cat Lower Back Tattoo

Lovely Cat Lower Back Tattoo
Image Credit: 1buzz