30 Dramatic Inner Arm Tattoos


Getting a tattoo is always a big dilemma especially if you’re not sure if you want others to see it. Although there’s a part of you that is proud of what you got for yourself, sometimes, the inhibitions of the public and of the people closest to you force you to hide your tat.

You do not need to worry too much anymore since there is a body part that you can put your tattoo on that is not too private nor too public either. By being conscious of the angles of approach, you may get a chance to hide this public tattoos to your audiences. The tattoos that I’m talking about here are the inner arm tattoos. The inner arm is obviously one of your public body parts however it is favored inwards towards your torso. Because of its strategic positioning, tattoos inked on this side can be easily hidden and shown just by turning the arm inward and outward.

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Check out 30 of the best inner arm tattoo that people from different social media sites shared to the world. You may have an exact copy of your own or do something similar. The most important thing is to maintain the position where the tats are rendered. Damn sure, the inner arm region could be one of the best spots for your treasures inks.

30Small Flower Inner Arm Tattoo

Image Credit: SmallTattoos