30 Lovely Infinity Tattoo


There are things in this universe that we consider eternal and everlasting. If you are the romantic type, you’ll probably would say that you’re love for a special someone is forever, or if you’re a mathematician probably you’ll present the numerical value of pi as a concrete example.

In art and in math, there is that symbol which we conventionally call as the infinity that symbolizes everything that are without ending. If you look at the symbol closely, it is just like the number eight taking a peaceful nap. Because of this simple design, the infinity symbol is usually exploited in different art masterpieces including in the realm of tattooing. People with infinity tattoos incorporate names, words, or other symbols which for them is eternal. Again, this could be love, life, dreams, and commitments.

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Today’s post showcases 30 of the best infinity tattoos out there with sizes ranging from a cute matching ring-size finger one to a body hugging elaborate masterpiece. Simple as it may be, infinity tattoos gives the same satisfaction to its owners as these people take pride of the tattoos they have, clearly implying that the meaning of the tattoo for them is a matter of great deal.

30Anchor Infinity Hip Tattoo

Anchor Infinity Hip Tattoo

Image Credit: EgoDesigns