30 Gorgeous Helix Tattoos


One of the trending tattoo styles today is what they call a helix tattoo. From all the things I learned all these years, all I know about a helix is that it is a part of the DNA. To know exactly the definition of a helix, I may need to turn into my good old friend Wikipedia to get a clue.

However, discussion to the definition may need to be re-scheduled to another place and time because today, we just want to enjoy the featured tattoo samples. We selected 30 of the most stunning helix tattoos we could ever find in the internet. Most of the showcased tattoo samples are of the double helix design or particularly the DNA while a few are of the unique helix tats usually inked creeping along the ear lobes.

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Check out what is in store for all of us today and get inspired to get your own.

30Simple Black Double Helix Tattoo

Simple Black Double Helix Tattoo

Image Credit: StylenDesigns