30 Intricate Hands Tattoo


It has been a long time since we posted a tattoo collection on this site that are pegged on the position of the tattoo not the subject nor the technique. This time, we feature different tattoo samples all inked within the region of one’s hands.

Hand tattoos are usually small and miniature because of the limited space a tattoo can be inked on. That is why tattoo enthusiasts opt to choose symbols, letters, or simple shapes to this area to make sure that the tattoo has enough space for rendering. However sometimes, people maximizes things and are not satisfied with just cute figures inked on their hands. With this, we also included tattoo samples wherein designs somehow covered a large part of the hand. These designs are more like perpetual gloves rather than tats because of its coverage nonetheless, we a little bit of creativity, artists pull off some of the most amazing samples from this challenges.

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As always, we offer a number of the best samples for today’s tattoo showcase. Hand tattoos are difficult to hide from the public so if you’re really up to it, be sure that the tattoo in mind won’t affect some aspects of your life like your career and relationships with those who care.

30Small Crucifix Hand Tattoo

Small Crucifix Hand Tattoo

Image Credit: MensTattooIdeas123