40 Awe-Inspiring Hamsa Tattoo Designs For Men And Women


Having a tattoo or deciding to have one is all about inspiration, memory, and purpose. One person braves the pains in having one just to have a perpetual reminder of something or someone he/she loves. Sometimes, a person gets a tattoo due to peer pressure of having the same design with the rest of the gang or friends. Others ink animals or plants which symbolizes a trait which they strongly believe they have or do not.

In this particular article, we showcase Hamsa tattoo. For most of us who do not actually know what “hamsa” is, it is actually an old Arabic/Hebrew design that is popular as an apotropaic amulet, a protection against dark magic. The word literally means “five” which is the number of fingers one normal hand has. Inner designs of this “hand” tattoo vary so much however the common component you’ll notice is the “all seeing” eye at the center. Some Hamsa tattoos are done with just black inks while others are painted with colors depending on the design selected.

True or not about its protective/divine nature, Hamsa tattoos are surely a sight to behold when having one. Now, this is one example of a tattoo with a clear purpose, hopefully it works.

Take a look at these 40 Awe-Inspiring Hamsa Tattoo Designs For Men And Women:

40Bold Hamsa Forearm Tattoo

Bold Hamsa Forearm Tattoo

Image Credit: Spiritus Tattoo