30 Creative Gypsy Tattoo Designs


There is this group of nomadic people with very distinct set of fashion especially for the women members that earlier nations called as “gypsies”. I guess the generation where I’m in has relatively the same mental picture as to what a gypsy looks like thanks to the animated movie, “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”.

A gypsy woman is characterized by a free-spirited, superb dancer, and a charmer in veil performing in streets in different parts of Europe. Technically, gypsies are actually the nomadic ethnic group of Roman people originated from the Indian subcontinent. Nowadays, the word gypsy not only connotes a woman covered in satin clothes, but also connotes illegality and irregularity.

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Nevertheless, a gypsy woman has always been perceived as a beautiful lady that could charm a man’s heart anytime if they want to. The tattoo collection today backs up that definition by showcasing tattoo designs of women thought to be gypsies. Most of the gypsy tattoos are done I traditional technique with all the colors and the complexity of the art. Have a look of the tattoo samples below and be mesmerized by the beauty and stare of a true gypsy.

30Red Cheeked Gypsy Thigh Tattoo

Red Cheeked Gypsy Thigh Tattoo

Image Credit: Spike