30 Exquisite Gold Tattoos


They say that having a tattoo makes a person a bad-ass if not fashionable. For the most part, that statement is actually true however tattoos nowadays are done in so many different techniques that it transform a person not just to being bad-ass but to something more of what they are expecting of themselves.

Let us take for example today’s collection of gold-ink tattoos. For starters, these tattoos are usually seen on women and honestly, it is perfect in them. If you check out the samples today, you’ll probably say the same thing I said the first time I saw the tats on women’s skin, “Damn… those tats are glamorous”. Most of the gold tattoo designs are arm and leg bands which are like gold jewelries wore by the ladies. Because the inks look like expensive jewelries more than tattoos, it adds sophistication and levels up the status of the bearers.

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Be amazed and astonished by these shiny, expensive, golden tattoos we sampled for you guys. For all ladies out there who wants to be famous and at the same time glitzy, these could be the best tattoos for you.

30Flower Design Hand Tattoo

Flower Design Hand Tattoo

Image Credit: HennaLounge