32 Absolutely Gorgeous Geometric Rose Tattoo


Rose are known for its sheer beauty and elegance. The waves and layers of its richly colored petals are the moneymaker of this ultimate symbol of love and people will never get tired of adoring this nature’s work of art.

Since it is very common in the fields of art to replicate the beauty of a rose, in tattoos, they tried to be playful, a rather more rigid way. Geometric rose tattoos are fun, ingenious, and unique way to render the beauty of the said flower to human skin. Of course, it didn’t lose its artistic value in all ways, in fact, geometric adds another side to it.

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We have 32 of these cool geometric rose tattoos for you to check out and appreciate. Get one for yourself today and enjoy the life with an amazing tattoo!

32Dotwork Rose Forearm Tattoo

Dotwork Rose Forearm Tattoo

Image Credit: Pinterest