30 Geometric Heart Tattoos


One of the best tattoo designs ever created in the tattoo business are the geometrics. It is a unique take of subjects and images which are defined with sharp edges and polygons.

In today’s featured tattoo designs, the subject is obviously loved by everyone since it is “the” symbol of love itself, the heart. The good thing about a heart design is that it caters to all—men, women, in-loved, broken, passionate, and everything in between. The real heart and the iconic heart shape has its fair share of curves and it rather one of the most recognizable shape there is. Now, with the twist of geometric style, the heart becomes a beating art.

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Geometric heart tattoos is surely a sure fire hit amongst individuals who are getting their 1st tats and also for those who are needing a new one to fill up the spaces on their skins. With that, we selected 30 of the most awesome geometric heart designs that are showcased in different sites in the internet. We spared everyone from scouring the internet for these cool tats and we hope that you guys would appreciate our effort. Enjoy!

30Blackwork Heart Thigh Tattoo

Blackwork Heart Thigh Tattoo

Image Credit: Pinterest